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Interior Design

Interior Design

If needed, our design team will provide recommendations to enhance your property’s appeal to guests. This can include suggestions for furniture layout, decor, and more.

How It Works

1. Consultation & Analysis

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our design experts, who will assess your rental property and understand your specific needs. Whether you aim for a modern touch or a cozy ambiance, our tailored recommendations will align with your vision and budget.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Based on the assessment, our team will curate a list of interior design suggestions that elevate the appeal of your rental property. From furniture and color schemes to decorative accents, our recommendations are tailored to enhance the guest experience and increase bookings.

3. Implementation & Support

Choose the recommendations that resonate with you, and our team will guide you through the implementation process. We offer continuous support to ensure that the design resonates with your property’s character, creating a unique and inviting space for your guests.
Our expertise extends to comprehensive property management, where we cover everything from meticulous cleaning and regular maintenance to sophisticated interior design.

Do you provide interior design services?

Yes, we do. We understand that the aesthetics of your property greatly affect its appeal to guests. Our interior design team can provide advice or full services to ensure your property offers a unique and comfortable experience.
In-House Service

EliteStay Hub’s cleaning service & maintenance

EliteStay Provides in-house Airbnb cleaning and maintenance services to ensure properties are perfect for guests. Learn all about these services here.

Professional Cleaning

Our specialized cleaning team ensures that your rental property is immaculate and ready for guests, implementing a rigorous cleaning protocol that focuses on hygiene and aesthetics.

Regular Maintenance

From routine checks to emergency repairs, our maintenance service covers all aspects of property upkeep. We work to prevent issues before they arise, keeping your property in optimal condition.

Hassle-Free Experience

Leave the cleaning and maintenance to us. With EliteStay Hub’s in-house service, landlords can relax, knowing that their properties are cared for by professionals, allowing them to focus on guest satisfaction and growing their business.
Property Management

Transform Your Property Management Experience:
Discover Our Results-Driven System

Our working system is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and hassle-free property management solution that allows you to maximize your return on investment while minimizing the time and effort required to manage your property.
Housekeeping Management
Maintenance Management
Inventory Management
Interior Design management

Benefits of property management

With our professional management, we optimize your property listings to maximize your rental income. At the same time, we handle all the tedious tasks and deal with any issues, minimizing your stress and giving you more time to enjoy your earnings.
Our strategic marketing and optimized booking system ensure high occupancy rates. We list your property on multiple platforms and employ dynamic pricing strategies to attract a steady stream of guests, leading to more consistent income.
With our full-scale property maintenance and professional housekeeping services, we keep your property in top-notch condition. This not only maintains the value of your asset but also ensures the satisfaction of your guests, leading to positive reviews and repeat bookings.
We provide round-the-clock guest support, promptly addressing any questions or issues that arise. This results in a smoother, more enjoyable guest experience, which translates into higher ratings and more bookings.

Full Property Management

Listing with us means gaining access to our comprehensive property management services. We handle everything from routine cleaning and maintenance, to managing bookings, to optimizing your property’s listing for maximum visibility. With our team of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.